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The XL Podcast

The Monthly Podcast with everything you need to know about Lanarkshire. The County you live, work and play.

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Oct 4, 2016

Show Notes Episode 18


Hi i'm Mike and this is the XL podcast in association with Thank you for downloading and listening.


Coming up on this episode:


Six Year Old Produces Knife

Men Set Up Depression Group

Campaign To Bring Music Festival To Motherwell

Obese Adult Population

We talk with Jim Softley about the Biggar Little Festival

and The Noticeboard for October.




Last month the spotlight shone on The Samaritans Of Lanarkshire. This month the torch is passed onto Cat Concern started in 2011 and their main aim is to help and rescue all stray, feral, abandoned and unwanted cats. They are a small registered charity based in Lanarkshire and Glasgow. As always you can get all the information from the spotlight page. just follow the links in the show notes or via the AcrossLanarkshire   homepage.



Notieboard For October

All events spoken about can be found here in our noticeboard.


Remember if you have an event or fundraiser happening in the future and you would like it mentioned on the podcast or website, then please get in touch. You can get all the details by going to the contact us page on the website.

Just before i go Happy Halloween, enjoy guising if your dressing up. Remember, too many monkey nuts are bad for the tummy.

Until November......